M3: The Mile, The Mach, The Minute

Mike Roumens
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Mental math for aviators. Easily compute angles, distance and time, wind components and drift angles, maximum wind effect. Visualize the actual wind on your HSI, get the right bank angles and turn radius calculations in a matter of seconds without using anything but brain power. Find the max range of a VHF station just by counting on your fingers, and more.. M3 is a book that gives back the power of mental math to aviators from all backgrounds, using simple tools and rules of thumb to avoid diverting attention while flying, thus enhancing situation awareness, promoting safe and efficient flying. Various examples are provided in the different sections to consolidate the comprehension at each level. Aviators will find here tried and tested rules of thumb as well as some innovative approaches to common situations encountered when airborne, while keeping the mental calculations to their simplest form. Soon you'll be ready to ditch the calculator!

Mike Roumens is an airline pilot with worldwide experience over 4 continents, from bush flying pilot to training captain and type rating instructor, examiner, and currently captain on Airbus A320. He has gained thousands of hours in various environments on turboprops and jet aircraft, working with people from different backgrounds and cultures in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. His endless curiosity, his passion for technical knowledge and aviation, the quest for efficiency, are key elements feeding a constant drive to improve flying tasks, while keeping on a practical level.