Fighter Pilots

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4-DVD Collector's Set

Ever dreamed of flying in the world's hottest fighter aircraft? Welcome to Fighter Pilots! This 4-DVD collection lets you fly with Top Gun F-14 Tomcats as you're blasted off a modern day super aircraft carrier. Fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon, an aerodynamic masterpiece, and meet the pilots who made it a true multi-role fighter in the Gulf War. You're in the cockpit during gut-wrenching dog fights and supersonic low-level attacks in the F-15 Eagle, and over the skies of Iraq in an F/A-18 Hornet as pilots destroy real Iraqi MiGs and then attack low-level at the "speed of heat". See the training that allows today's Fighter Pilots to fly the exotic aircraft and weapons on the frontline of freedom from the skies of the Middle East to the skies of America. Fighter Pilots: America's finest, flying her finest.