Aviation Action

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4-DVD Collector's Set

The G-force is always with the "air-devils" in Aviation Action, the 4-DVD collection of adrenaline-pumping flight videos. Arrow Through the Heart pays tribute to the Italian Jet T eam,showcasing a perfect aerial performance the day before deadly tragedy struck. With featured maneuvers from top flight teams from the USA, Canada, France, and Brazil, Aviation Action packs high-altitude footage onto one intense disc. And altitude meets attitude in Thunderbircls: Skies of Thunder, the exhilarating point-of-view film that puts you in the cockpit with these Air Force aerobats during flight maneuvers. Finally, The Blues & The Birds demonstrates just what it's like to accompany the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds in air show performance. From triumph to tragedy, G-force to F-16s, Aviation Action breaks the barrier to airborne excitement.