Nflightcam for iPhone Kit

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Shoot 170 Degree HD Quality Video With Your iPhone....With Your Radios Mic’d In and a speed, altitude, and heading overlay.

The iPhone is amazing, but like all compact video cameras it does have a few limitations in the air. You’ll see propeller distortion, the field of view is narrow, and the microphone picks up nothing but engine noise. Our answer is the Nflightcam for iPhone. Our wide angle “aviator lens” shoots 170 degree video, just like a GoPro or Contour, while eliminating the distortion created by the prop.

Our kit also includes a cable that eliminates static and captures only what you hear in your headset.

"The audio quality is crisp and clear, it is like you are in a sound booth."--Nick Akimoff--

Create, edit and share on one device. By shooting with your phone you’ll be able to eliminate multiple devices and editing processes. Simply shoot, edit and share your flights. Now you can mount your iPhone in your plane, shoot high quality video with radios included and share with your friends before the engine is cool.

Download the Free Nflight App to get flight data overlay on your videos. See your flights with airspeed, altitude, heading etc. all nicely overlaid on your footage.

Once a video is synced it becomes part of our aviation video database. Ever wondered what it’s like to fly a Dehavilland Beaver? Now you can see. Search videos by pilot oriented terms. Search the Nflight database by terms such as KLAX or C206. They will all be cataloged and organized by terms that will help our pilot community.

Use all of this to become a safer pilot! Going to a new airport can be daunting. Search approaches and departures of your destinations and learn from those who’ve done it.